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IPP Development

Organics Energy's project development success is the result of commercial experience, technical expertise, detailed local knowledge and network of partners.

Organics Energy takes responsibility for all phases of the development process; originating projects, managing the challenges, securing approvals, negotiating PPAs and expediting the financing process to early completion.

With its local development partners in Australia, South Africa and SE Asia, Organics Energy is active in many of the most lucrative emerging markets for renewable energy.

Turnkey EPC services

Organics Energy works with its sister company Organics and local and international EPC partners to provide optimal technical solutions and optimal returns on investment. The Group has a number of innovative solutions for the optimal generation, capture, cleaning and utilisation of biogas from cassava and palm oil mill effluents.

Operations & Maintenance

Our asset managers can provide clients with preventative and reactive maintenance services utilising remote monitoring and proprietary software to ensure optimal power generation, minimal downtime and reduction of long term operational costs.

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