Organics Energy is seeking investors or strategic partners for its pipeline of early to late stage Build, Own and Operate power projects in SEAsia. We are developing biogas, wind, landfill gas and solar PV projects that exploit the cost competitiveness of renewable energy and provide investors with favourable long term returns backed by excellent counterparty credentials and bankable PPAs.

The portfolio includes the construction and operation of more than 20 biogas power IPP projects capable of generating more than 40 MW of power over the next three years.

The biogas power facilities are situated on land owned by cassava and palm oil mills. Organics Energy contracts with mill owners to provide waste from the mills and raises finance against a long term PPA and constructs anaerobic digestion facilities for the generation and sale of electricity to the local utility or to the mill for self-use.

Mill owners see this as a compelling business model, allowing them to benefit from off balance sheet financing; share in the revenue created from the sale of power and compliance with national and international pollution control directives and regulations.


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